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Greetings, my beauties!

My name is Jennifer Jackson, and I am a creative who has a passion of beauty, content design, photography, healthy living and inspiring others. I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, but relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2017. I have always had a niche in creativity and expressed my artistic abilities from drawing, painting, practicing calligraphy and doing hair. 

Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.
— Brene Brown

My love for makeup blossomed from learning how to apply eyeshadow to my eyebrows for filling and enhancement. My hobby of playing in makeup has turned into a career that I love and enjoy. 

As a Freelance Makeup Artist, I provide elite, on location services to clients in the Greater-Atlanta area. 

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Let's Work!


Jennifer J. Artistry offers services include the following:

  • Makeup application for

    • Special occasions

    • Weddings

    • Headshots

    • Photography collaborations

  • Makeup lesson consultations

  • Makeup education

  • Creative direction

  • Content photography services

Get to know me: Seven Random Facts about Jennifer J.

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  1. I started my first blog, Artsy Glam in college where it talked about art and the beauty industry. It never published.

  2. I am obsessed with candles, especially the fall season inspired scents.

  3. I love men's fashion more than women's fashion!

  4. During college, I studied Graphic Design with the hopes of landing my (then) dream job as a designer for a major magazine in New York City.

  5. I am a music fanatic. I listen to music more than watch television.

  6. I love coffee! I am not a morning person and cannot function without it. I love tea too!

  7. Not only am I a creative, but I am educated as well. I have a BS in Management, MBA and a certification in Social Marketing.