Episode 13: 10 Ways To Get Your Creative Energy Back

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Thank you for tuning in to The Beauty Suite Podcast! As we kick off Season Two, Jennifer J shares ten ways on how to get your creative energy back. Have you ever been in a rut where you cannot put anything together creatively? Have you ever just been completely stuck when it comes to creating content? Are you frustrated because you are approaching the finish line of a tight deadline, and you simply cannot convey your thoughts to paper? Jennifer shares her tips on how to declutter your mind by simply taking ten initiatives to help bring your creative energy from empty back to full.

Shameless plug: During this episode, Jennifer shouts out fellow creative, Siobhan Sudberry from The Be Free Project. Feel free to visit her website and Instagram page, and tell her Jennifer J. sent you!

News and Announcements

Calling all creatives! Jennifer J will share her experiences and expertise as a panelist at the Mind Your Business event in Atlanta. Some of the topics of discussion are social media for business, an exit strategy for leaving your 9-5, pricing for profit and much more! You can purchase your tickets here.


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