Nice for What: Celebrating Myself

I have always been a fan of Drake's music, especially when he released More Life last year. To this day I still play that album from start to finish. Earlier this year, he released God's Plan, and it caught my attention, at least I thought it did until he dropped, Nice for What this past Friday night. Let me tell you, the MOMENT I HEARD THIS SONG, I instantly fell in love.

To be honest, I was still in the midst of the hype from the anticipated release of Cardi B's album. So, when I discovered Nice for What, this piece of awesomeness, I was laying in bed (because I rarely go out) scrolling my Instagram timeline and saw a snippet of the video with the hashtag, #girlpower, and boom! I saw the faces of Issa Rae, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Tiffany Haddish. I immediately headed over to Drake's profile to watch the video in its entirety. The beauty of all the women featured in the video made me smile, and the lyrics stole my heart.


That's a real one in your reflection
Without a follow, without a mention
You really pipe it up on these n****s
You gotta be nice for what to these n****s

First of all - this is my absolute favorite part of his song and if those bars did not touch you, then you must be walking around like a Perfect Patty - you ain't real! 

You ain't stressin' off no lover in the past tense.

As a woman, I've had my share of letdowns, disappointments, heartbreaks, and heartaches from men and their inconsistency.  In fact, there are some of my "has-been's" still trying to linger around in my life, smh. Not to mention, my Instagram Direct Message is full of exes, men I knew from a season in my life and random men with girlfriends and wives trying to see "what's up" with me. I got tired of entertaining some with a general response of "thanks" or liking the message that leads up to a dreadful conversation. I got beyond fed up with this cycle.

You cannot stop men with wondering eyes to keep checking for you, but you can definitely ignore or even better yet, block them. Sweetie, you deserve more than this (in my Kendall Kyndall voice)! 


You've been inside, know you like to lay low
I've been peepin' what you been bringin' to the table
Workin' hard girl everything paid for
First, last phone bill, car note, cable

I am sure some men are going to say that Drake is "male-bashing," but he is not. He is saying that he understands that we as women who work extremely hard, staying out of the way, laying low to achieve our goals without the assistance of using what we got to get what we want (Ronnie hoe quote).


Ain't nothing wrong with a little ratchet music...

Now, I do have my share of ratchet music that I love to listen to, primarily while working out and when I am in the mood to dance but let's be real, a lot of that music is degrading and talks about sex, money, drug usage and wearing nothing but designer clothes. It is not "celebration of being you and loving you" music. However, the beat and hook is typically catchy and always draws us in.

Nice for What continues to solidify my love for Drake's music. The video was the icing on the cake. I encourage all women to take from Drake's lyrics and celebrate you! You are a hard-working woman and sometimes just need someone to understand your real value. You want them to see that you know where you came from and know exactly where you are going. Take a moment to celebrate your wins, big and small. Focus on your spiritual, mental and physical - it starts with a strong and solid foundation. When times are tough, your foundation is strong enough to handle a little rain. Continue to shine! Get dressed up, get your hair done, do your makeup and take some beautiful pictures to show how unbothered you are. Show off!


With your phone out, gotta hit those angles
With your phone out, snappin' like you Fabo
And you showin' off, but it's alright

Love yourself and love will follow. I am a witness. 

Thank you, Champagne Papi and a special thank you to Jo (instagram: ohemjee_jo) for the amazing photography.

Be great and amazing,

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