Event Recap: Purposely B.E.A.T.

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Any event that involves makeup, sips and sweets will indeed capture my attention and attendance. Painted Pink, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit dedicated to educating every millennial on breast health. This past Sunday, they hosted a private beauty event at the NARS Boutique, located in the Shops Buckhead Atlanta, showcasing education on skin care and awareness to breast cancer while discussing the importance of the ingredients in makeup. Sadly, many women are unaware of proper skin care and being mindful of what ingredients are in some of our favorite products. Not only makeup but everything, including the food we consume on a daily basis. Healthy skin is key to achieving a complete flawless makeup look. As discussed, many consumers purchase makeup because it may be popular, or it is cost-effective, or it looks amazing on others, or their favorite influencer promotes the product via social media or YouTube. These are all great – but sometimes when we purchase the same exact product, it may not look as good as you imagined. I have been a victim of not properly taking care of my skin and wondering why products do not look as good on me like others. That was my wakeup call. 


Breast Cancer is no stranger to my family. My aunt and grandmother are both survivors- Praise God! However, as a woman of color in my mid-30's, I have to be mindful of the education of Breast Cancer, the awareness, and preventative care. Attending this event and meeting the women of Painted Pink meant a lot to me. Not to mention, the treats were amazing, the champagne was refreshing, and I left the event with more knowledge of proper skin care while wearing makeup. I want to thank the women of Painted Pink, the women of the Nars Boutique in Buckhead for hosting this event and Terrace from Terrace Couture for the invite. 


If you live in the Atlanta area, mark your calendars. The ladies of Painted Pink is having their 4th annual bruncheon, honoring Millennial Breast Cancer survivors and supporters on Saturday, October 7th. Please refer to their website and connect with Painted Pink on Facebook and Instagram for more information. 


Be great and be amazing!