My 6 Don’ts of Wearing Makeup

Hey, everybody! Welcome back to I am SohoGlam! After a whole six-month hiatus, I am back, and we have so much to discuss. First off, just to clear the air, I relocated from Cleveland, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia. Yes- I finally did it! Most of you all know that I have been traveling back and forth to Atlanta for the past five years, and after three failed attempts, it is finally official. We will elaborate on my transition in a future post. This blog post is to discuss my six don’ts of makeup application. I despise seeing all of you beautiful people wear makeup incorrectly, or just out here looking a HOT MESS. Well, consider me as your digital girlfriend and let me help you out. Let’s get started.

Copy of My Six Don'ts of wearing Makeup.png

Number One: Do not wear a full face of makeup without having groomed eyebrows.

I think this is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to makeup. Let me start by saying that my journey of learning how to do makeup began with eyebrows. Remember, your eyebrows will make or break your face – point, blank, period. Most makeup artists prefer for their clients to have their eyebrows groomed before their appointment. If you are unable to groom your eyebrows or even, have them groomed, don’t panic. There are ways that you can have your eyebrows appear to look groomed. That, however, may take a lot of skill and know the actual shape of your eyebrows. All in all, keep them groomed.


Number Two: You don’t have to ensure that your eyeshadow match your complete outfit.

Before we elaborate on this, let me give you an example. If you are wearing an outfit that consists of mainly the color orange, don’t feel obligated to wear only orange eyeshadow. What I am conveying is that if you decide to wear an outfit that has certain colors, it is okay to explore with other colors when it comes to wearing eyeshadow. For instance, if I were wearing an outfit that has blue, black and gold, I would probably do a smoky eye with a nude lip. My smoky eye would have a pop of blue just for fun, but my whole eye will not consist of just blue and gold eyeshadows. As a second option, let’s say that I will wear a pink dress, I will most likely wear a neutral eye and pink lipstick. Let your main outfit colors just be a small feature in your makeup look, get it?


Number Three: Don’t wear bold color lipsticks without wearing a lip liner.

Who does not love a bold lippie? Preferably, I wear nude colors – like, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE nude lipsticks, but you can catch me wearing some bold colors from time to time, especially during the Fall Season. Do yourself a favor and apply a lip liner first. Not only will it make your lipstick pop even more, but it prevents your lipstick from running. Don’t sleep on lip liners. I prefer liners from MAC Cosmetics and NYX. You can also play around with the colors. For instance, I will use either Chestnut or Cork MAC Lip Liner then apply a nude matte lipstick and finish with MAC C-Thru Lip Glass. It creates a color that is neutral, and it compliments my skin tone well. There are endless possibilities with lip liners.

Number Four: Don’t apply foundation just on your face, but underneath your chin and neck as well.

Number Four is probably the most misinterpreted thing to do when it comes to applying makeup. One thing that cringes my soul is when I see someone with beautiful makeup and the foundation is not applied correctly throughout his or her face. Please remember when you are wearing foundation, make sure you match it to your neck and chest, especially if you choose to wear clothes that show them both. The last thing you would want is to have a two-toned face and neck…just saying!


Number Five: Don’t use black as a color to fill in your eyebrows.

Filling in eyebrows is such a trend in the makeup world right now. A natural looking filled in eyebrow is ideal, but there are some who ultimately bends this rule to the maximum. I can recall all of the women who I suggested colors/products to use asks, “what about black?” Off the record, I do not have a poker face, so most of the time, you will see the expression I am thinking on my face. So, just imagine the look on my face every time someone asks me about using black as a filler. Immediately, I ask them if they want their eyebrows to look like they have been drawn with a Sharpie marker, then go right ahead. Always use a dark brown if you want to achieve darker-colored eyebrows. Thank me later.


Number Six: Don’t use concealer on your brow bone that is too light.

Now that we have come to the last of my makeup don’ts, I saved the best for last. Recapping from this post, you now know not your eyebrows should be groomed and not using black as a fill-in color, let's get into concealing underneath them. If you don’t know this by now, but when you are applying concealer, you are cleaning up your brows – case en point, giving them a crisp look. You can use a concealer that is lighter than your normal shade, but I recommend going up no more than one shade or stay as close to your shade as possible. Unfortunately, I see way too many women where you can tell that they used concealer on their brow bone. The overall trick is not to make them appear as you are not wearing any at all. What comes with that is proper blending, so no lines are showing as well as flash-back. Stay tuned for a tutorial on how I fill in my eyebrows on my YouTube Channel. Also, if you have not already subscribed to my channel yet, please do so.


I hope that you enjoyed my six don’ts of wearing makeup. I want to see everyone win at wearing makeup, looking flawless as ever. It is no pleasure in seeing you beautiful people out here looking a mess. Which comes to my bonus don’t – Don’t ever play yourself.

Be great and be amazing!