My Interview on The Crowned Podcast + My Mini-Announcement

My Interview on The Crowned Podcast + My Mini-Announcement

Good Day, Beauties!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to speak with a fellow blogger and entrepreneur, Terrace Sherman from The Royal Queendom. In this podcast, Terrace and I share our journeys thus far on starting where you are when you relocate. I am not going to lie; I was ecstatic about this interview because I am soon to tap into the podcast phenomenon. I was also nervous about how the podcast was going to turn out because I am self-conscious about my voice. On an early Saturday morning, I met up with Terrace to do her makeup for an upcoming photoshoot then to record our interview afterward.


After listening to the final edit, it turned out fantastic, and all of my fears went out of the window. I prayed to God about this journey, and He is showing me that His promises for my destiny are going to work out just fine. I am blessed and excited for my next endeavor for 2018 - my very own podcast! Stay tuned for further details about the name of my podcast and launch date. 

Please take a listen to this episode by clicking the link here. I hope you enjoy this podcast and feel free to comment below your thoughts and subscribe to The Crowned Podcast. Let's continue to support each other as we continue to live in our purpose and go for our dreams.

Be great and be amazing!


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