It's My 1st Blogiversary!!

Happy 1st Birthday, I am SohoGlam!

Photo Credit:  Kamron Khan Photography

My Story

What an exciting day! I am SohoGlam turns one, and I could not be happier. One year ago, I published my first post on Granted, it was a previous post from my old domain, but the birth of my new site is real. Rewind to June 2015, I was celebrating my 34th birthday, and I was approached by a fellow blogger and was invited to meet with other bloggers in the Cleveland area. Excited, I attended the meeting the next day, with my MacBook, pen, and notebook ready. Prior to I am SohoGlam, I did have a blog titled, "Everything By JayChantelle" but I was not satisfied on the name. It did not "pop". One night in Philadelphia, my dear friend described my style as "Soho-Glam" and there was my "ah-ha" moment. I am SohoGlam. Soon after my trip to Philly, I decided to change the name and create new content for my blog. My blog did not have its own domain, and it was housed on Weebly. At the time, I was happy and loved how my site looked. During the bloggers meeting, I introduced myself, and my blog and the ladies advised that I need to have my own domain, and it is easy to create. After my quick tutorial on how to create my domain and site, my notebook was full of tips, tricks, and useful advice. I was also thrilled to be around fellow bloggers who take their work seriously. I was blessed to meet great individuals who were willing to help and support one another. I was happy to drop and birth 

Now the work begins. Building my website was not easy, and it was time-consuming. I am also very attentive to detail and extremely particular on perfection when it comes to anything associated with my name on the final product. Not to mention, I was on the tail end of grad school and working a stressful full-time job. I wanted to take my time to redevelop my website, but that came to a halt when The Plain Dealer reached out to me for a feature for their Fashion Flash section. Not only did I have to prepare for my feature, but also I have to expedite my site so the readers can view my blog as the whole City of Cleveland is going to soon find out who JayChantelle is. As the clock sped to my interview date, I ran out of time with the redevelopment of my new site. Disappointed, I continued to let the show go on. My article published on August 30, 2015, and the readers were directed to  

A week later, I decided to clear my schedule and take one whole day to work on my site. September 7, 2015, my site was complete, and I published to the world my new blog. It took a lot of hard work, dedication and time, but I gave birth to My dreams have finally switched to reality. 

Photo Credit:  Kamron Khan Photography

My Vision

My mother gave birth to a girl who is a visionary. Little did she know that I was gifted in ways she did not imagine. I've always wanted to create a platform for delivering my love for beauty to the many of people who admires my swag. My dream was to create a magazine, but when blogging evolved years ago, I was hooked. I was just scared to use my voice and share it with the world. What I want for I am SohoGlam is to take it to places where I've always envisioned. When you find your purpose, it becomes your passion and doors will open profusely. I am ready to take my blog to new levels.

JayChantelle Learning the art of flat lay photography. Photo Credit: HeyCurlie

JayChantelle Learning the art of flat lay photography. Photo Credit: HeyCurlie

I am SohoGlam Year in Review

The first year of my new blog has been a great one. One of my primary goals was to make as many connections as possible with other bloggers. Not only joining the Bloggers Group of Northeast Ohio, but I also joined Bloggers Like Me (BLM Girls) and connected with many bloggers around the world. With my joining of BLM Girls, I was able to collaborate with other bloggers on posts. The women in this group have been very resourceful, and I recommend any blogger to join this group. I was also introduced to flat lay photography and learned how to use my camera for quality photos. I had a one-on-one session with Celebrity Makeup Artist, MiMi Johnson in Atlanta, Georgia as well as meeting MakeupShayla at a Make Up For Ever event. Lastly, I learned how to sell my brand and build my audience. I am SohoGlam is small, but I know it will grow into the phenomenon I envisioned it to be. 

JayChantelle learning the art of flat lay photography.

JayChantelle learning the art of flat lay photography.

What I've Learned

Blogging is a lot of work! You have to manage your time efficiently, and stay consistent. In the wonderful world of blogging, you must remain relevant. Attending networking events is key. You have to continue to promote yourself, and proper branding is critical. You will meet a ton of people, and do not be afraid to use your resources. I could not be more thankful for the Northeast Ohio Black Bloggers Group. They helped build my platform, and I was able to meet great people in Cleveland. I am also a member of the Bloggers Like Me group. I met and connected with awesome fellow bloggers all across the world. 

Photo Credit:  Kamron Khan Photography


Let go and have fun. Your passion will show in your work. Do not rush, and great things take time. Lastly, trust the process. 

My Blogiversary Giveaway

I am celebrating my 1st Blogiversary all during the month of September. I will be giving away the Anastasia Beverly Hills Fall Mini Lip Gloss set along with some other makeup goodies as a surprise. Stay tuned for further information on how you can win (my next blog post)! 

Photo Credit:  Kamron Khan Photography

Thank you all for your love and support for I am SohoGlam. My blog started as a dream, and now it is a sweet reality. I am thrilled for what I plan to bring to my blog in the future. Always go for your dreams and never settle for anything less. If no one believes in you and your dreams, I do! 

Cheers to my first year!