New Goals, #TipTuesday and a Testimony


Hey everyone!

I cannot believe how fast the summer is blowing right in front of our eyes. In the midst of enjoying my summer, I began a new journey in my career. Again, I have to learn how to balance working full-time, practicing makeup part-time, and managing my blog. I have not been the most consistent with content on my blog, and I am going to continue working on creating a schedule and setting goals. 


Enough with the chatter - when my blog transitioned from "Everything by Jay" to I am SohoGlam, I contributed to writing posts on Mondays titled, "#MakeupMonday." Honestly, Mondays were hard due to a heavy school schedule and working a stressful full-time job. Now with school behind me (and other things/people that weighed me down), I decided to begin Makeup #TipTuesday instead of resuming back to #MakeupMonday on my blog. I will provide you with quick tips on how to perfect your makeup along with fast and easy solutions on how to correct makeup mistakes, with scheduled postings on Tuesdays. 


Last but not least - guess what??? I am going on YouTube!!! Popular demand has brought me to the conclusion of getting over my fear of watching myself on video, and bring you makeup tutorials, but it does not stop there. I will also have videos catered to hair, skin care, workout/healthy food recipe vids, DIY projects, product reviews and so on. Are you ready? I am! In fact, feel free to subscribe to my channel, ITSJAYCHANTELLE (no videos are posted as of yet). Bare with me as I go through the beginning stages with the birth of my new channel. 

New things are on the horizon. I am blessed to be able to get things back into perspective as we are in the second half of 2016. Thank you all for your support and continue to keep me pushing towards achieving my dreams. Remember, when people doubt you and tell you that you cannot do it or won't ever make it, don't let their negativity steer you away and keep going. Stay silent, work hard and let your success make all of the noise. 

M Y  |  T E S T I O N Y

Just know, I was in the same position six months ago. People told me I wasn't good enough, and I will never make it to the top. They judged me because I was different, they accused me of being someone of who I am not, they lied about me; they hated on me; they were intimidated by me because I was a threat to them, they made it their priority to bring me into a dark and miserable place. But guess what!? I made it through, and God continues to bless me abundantly! Keep your eyes on the prize, stay in faith and remain focused. I am a testimony to it. 2016 is still my year!

Stay blessed!