Oh Hello, June!

Oh! Hello, June! Just in case you all do not know, June is my favorite month. Summer begins this month and not to mention, is my birthday month! As we are at the halfway mark of 2016, (I can't believe how fast this year is moving), I hope that you all are keeping up with your plans, goals, and new year resolutions (remember those, lol). My year so far has been a rollercoaster of unexpected life decisions and emotions. Thrilled, my blog has taken off to new heights, I have made some awesome connections, and continuously strengthening my craft. Unfortunately earlier this year, I had to make a difficult decision and quit my full-time job for personal reasons. I promise I will share that story at a later date. During my time of unemployment, I had to figure out what I wanted out of life. Granted, I should be living life and building my career especially since my recent accomplishment of graduating with my Master's Degree, huh!? Well, needless to say, I stepped out on faith, and if anyone tells you that this process is easy is lying! Indeed, there are plenty of good and bad days. Again, I will share in a future post. Anywho, I decided to take a month off from blogging. I needed a break. Now in the blogging world, my decision to pause in the middle of emerging is critical, but it was something that needed to be done. I was not in my right mindset, and I was uninspired and not motivated. In order to provide my beautiful subscribers stellar content, I had to do what was best and take a break to clear my mind. I vowed to myself to resume doing what I love in the month that I love. Until then, I will continue to stay in faith because God never fails! Faith it until you make up and continue to walk by faith and not by sight. 

Love you all!!!