Hot Trends in Makeup: [Eye] Brow All About It!

Filling in eyebrows is a tedious job. It takes a lot of practice, patience, trial, and error. TRUST ME ON THIS! I remember when I began my journey of filling in my eyebrows and let me tell you, looking back; my eyebrows looked a hot mess! After continuous improvement by experimenting with different methods of using tools and products, I can finally attest that I have a mechanism that works best for my eyebrows. By popular demand, I am sharing a small questionnaire on how I achieve the perfect eyebrows or shall we say “eyebrows on fleek!”

When did you begin filling in your eyebrows?

I was always obsessed with drawing eyebrows. Going back to high school, I had a sketchbook, and I would always draw faces with an emphasis on eyes and eyebrows. I began physically filling in my eyebrows back in 2006 when a friend of mine introduced me to the wonderful world of eyebrow filling. I used MAC Cosmetics eye shadow in Expresso and used a small angled brush. I would get my eyebrows arched almost every two weeks. I swore by this method for years until I decided to teach myself how to arch my eyebrows. 

How long does it take for you to fill in your eyebrows?

Right now, I would say it takes approximately 5 minutes to fill in my eyebrows. I remember when I was, in the beginning, stages of eyebrow filling, it took me about 30 minutes, per eyebrow! I used to mess up so many times, and I would have to remove the product and start all over again. Then I discovered the magic of concealer. That is when the light bulb finally went off! It reduced my time by half.

Do you use a pencil, eye shadow, or stencil?


JayChantelle's daily eyebrow products.

JayChantelle's daily eyebrow products.

Picture was previously used on Snapchat. 

Picture was previously used on Snapchat. 

What products do you use to fill in your eyebrows?

My every day products I use to fill in my eyebrows are the following:
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade (Chocolate- for a natural look; Ebony for a more dramatic look)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush #7
NYX Cosmetics Conceal Correct Contour Concealer Palette (Medium)
Anastasia Beverly Hills  Duo Brush #20
BECCA Ombre Nude Eye Palette (Colors 4&5)
MAC Cosmetics 266SH Small Angle Brush
Ulta Brand Eye Brow Gel

Do you have any advice for people who are new to filling in your eyebrows?

Practice, practice, practice! What may work for one person may not work for you. Filling in eyebrows is a tedious job. Once you develop a routine, stick with it and work on improving it. The most important thing about eyebrows is that they are not twins. They are sisters - which means that both of your eyebrows are not identical. Do not stress if your eyebrows do not look the same. My left eyebrow has a higher arch than my right. It is up to me to make them appear to look identical. Last but not least, do not use black hues to fill in your eyebrows. In order to avoid that “sharpie marker” look, stick with shades of dark brown.

If you would like more information on how I achieve my eyebrows, please feel free to either comment below or send me an email at

Peace, love and perfect harmony!