My Day at The Glamatory + Advice for Up and Coming MUAs

I love Atlanta! I try to visit Atlanta as frequently as I can, as I am potentially trying to relocate there. Atlanta thrives in the beauty industry as it is a growing mecca in the entertainment field. This visit, in particular, I had a tunnel vision, which was to invest into a one-on-one makeup learning session in order to perfect my craft. As many of you may already know, makeup is my life. I live and breathe all things beauty, and I want to take my artistry to the next level. I arranged for my makeup lesson to be taught by MiMi Johnson, Professional Makeup Artist and Owner of the Glamatory, located in Smyrna, Georgia. Let me say, that MiMi is one of my favorite makeup artists, and after studying her work for a little over a year now, I was thrilled to meet and work beside her. Walking into the Glamatory was like my dream that I always envisioned. The place was beautiful, glamorous, and I was instantly inspired. Our session was amazing! I loved her teaching, and I learned from common mistakes I was making while applying certain makeup and took her advice full throttle. I even found the perfect foundation (as you know I have been struggling to find the right foundation). As a person who practices makeup, I want to be the best, and I love to learn. My artistry is self-taught as many makeup artists are, and there is nothing wrong with the continuum of learning, strengthening your craft, and take your business and brand to the next level. I appreciate MiMi for taking the time out of her schedule to teach me some new techniques. I take my craft very serious, and I am going to continue to work hard at building my clientele, and work with established makeup artists to keep learning and striving to be the best.

My advice to up and coming makeup artists, learn as much as you can. Network! Practice, practice, and practice. Put in the work. Know that this journey will not be easy, but the payoff is totally worth all of your hard work and dedication. Become relevant because, in order to be relevant, you must be relevant. Set goals, accomplish them, and have a solid plan. Stay faithful and prayerful. Don’t do it because it is a running trend, do whatever you are passionate about. If you pray for God to show you your purpose in life, He will continuously open doors for you. That is exactly what He is doing for me. Be aspired to be inspired. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a note or comment below. Stay blessed!