Shine Insider with Rocksbox - My NEW Guilty Pleasure

My life right now is crazy busy. I have not had time to dedicate myself fully to blogging as I should, but it is for good reason. I am in my final class for my Master of Business Administration degree, and I could not be happier. I am also trying to perfect my craft in my makeup artistry, relocate to Atlanta, GA, and promote myself by attending networking events, amongst other things that I shall remain nameless. One thing I neglected to mention in the midst of my mayhem is that I am now an shine insider with Rocksbox! What is Rocksbox? I am glad that you asked! Rocksbox is a membership-based jewelry styling service where members pay a flat monthly rate to get access to a personalized rotating closet of designer jewelry, sent in three sets at a time. As a lover of jewelry, I was instantly intrigued once I received an email from Rocksbox about becoming a shine insider. The process is simple, you sign up for the service, and then choose your style of jewelry, and make your payment. I received my jewelry in the mail within a few days. It was a pleasant surprise once I saw the pieces sent to me and the beautiful packaging, I loved all of them. You have the choice to rent the pieces, and send them back for new ones, or make a one-time purchase of a particular piece or all pieces. Now that I have worn all of mine for the summer season, I am going to send them all back (with the exception of the necklace, which I LOVE) and see what comes next. If you are interested in joining Rocksbox, you can sign up and receive your first month for free by using the code JAYCHANTELLEXOXO. So, use the code and enjoy your jewelry as much as I am enjoying mine! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.    
For more information about Rocksbox and their service, please visit